My name is RĂ©mi Gillig, I am a video game tools software engineer.

I like C++, C# and making tools for everyone. It has a great impact on the projects and usually involves a number of other disciplines.

I am also interested in procedural generation and rendering and I like to follow the advances in these areas through SIGGRAPH and GDC talks, lectures and research papers.

I’m currently working at Rare Ltd. (UK) as a Senior Software Engineer. Whatever projects appear on this blog are NOT affiliated with my current employer.


Puddle is now out on XBLA/PSN (published by Konami), more information at


I hope you will find interesting things here as I try to update its content with what I’m interested in.

If it’s your first time here, I suggest visiting my introduction page which contains some information about myself and my life. Otherwise, you can feel free to use the menu to navigate through the different sections and explore this website.

You can also see a list of my projects.

Latest personal project : PaperPlane