About Me

My name is RĂ©mi Gillig, I was born in France and I studied video games programming at ENJMIN.

My passion for programming began some time ago and I spent most of my education learning programming. At first, I had the chance to have access at home to early computers and wrote some basic programs using GW-BASIC. For the record, it looks like this :

20 PRINT "HELLO "N$" :)"

This is awesome for a 6 year-old boy and when you discover the power of IF/THEN/ELSE and GOTO you can achieve pretty much anything, right?

From this first introduction to programming languages to nowadays, I studied computer science and learned my share of advanced programming languages like Go, C/C++ or C# and other related things. If you need more information, please take a look at my resume.

Apart from programming, I do other things such as biking (well, when the weather is good enough), singing (well, in video games actually, I’m not sure it counts) and I like travelling.