Update : This project has won the “Game Design” prize at e-magiciens 2009.

Update : This project is a finalist at the IGF Student competition : http://www.igf.com/10studentfinalists.html.

Puddle is a project made during my first year at ENJMIN. It involved a team of 6 persons during 3 months.

The principle of the game is to tilt the world to make your liquid move through it by gravity. You have to reach the end of the level with enough liquid to go to the next one.

It was developed using XNA, a research paper on fluids and a 2D physics engine.

A level editor was made using C# and WinForms combined with XNA which helped creating quickly and easily the levels of the game. It was very interesting to see the evolution of this tool during the development of the game, it really helped us until the very end.

More information : http://puddle-game.com