Update : This project has won the student prize prize at Milthon Awards 2010 ex-aequo with Gerridae.

PaperPlane is a project made during my second year at ENJMIN. It involved a team of 9 persons during 6 months. It was an incredible experience.

The goal of the game is to remember childhood memories by unlocking figments of a child imagination. You explore and fly around these memories with a paper airplane.

For each object, you have to turn around it, pass through it or fly very close to it to be able to unlock it and get access to other parts of the scenery.

It was developed using Unity3D and only on Windows. The reason behind this is the use of XInput.NET for controls.

To meet our needs, we completely wrote our own shaders to have a nice render and get what we had in mind. The paper airplane physics use a custom and simple system which allowed various parameters to be tweaked easily and iterate quickly on the most important part of the game. Also, the camera behaviour was a key part and got a lot of attention.

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