This project is not supported anymore, it’s only provided now as an example on how to interface C++ and .NET code together (a lot of Marshal inside).

In the meantime, you can see an alternative to Awesomium here : EA STL. It also contains the famous which is a C++ STL which aims for performance and video games.

What is Awesomium?

Awesomium (by Adam Simmons) is a C++ library which uses the Windows port of WebKit created by the Google Chrome team also known as Chromium. It allows the rendering of webpages in a memory buffer (an image) and the interaction required by injecting mouse/keyboard events. You can communicate with the internal browser using JavaScript and callbacks to/from your C++ code.

What is Awesomium.NET?

Awesomium.NET is a .NET library which wraps all of Awesomium to use it inside any .NET application.

It is bundled with 2 demos : Windows Forms and XNA.


This software is under the MIT License.


The latest binaries for Awesomium.NET (~ 8.1 MB) :

The version is 1.08 (same version as Awesomium). It was lastly updated on 2009-12-20.

You can download the latest sources here :